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Physical Therapy

Each physical therapy session is an individualized treatment conducted by your Doctor of Physical Therapy. We treat the body as a whole and understand that pain and dysfunction often occurs in more than one area. We identify and target all the areas contributing to your pain.

Sports Injury Screening

At your initial injury assessment, we identify the root causes of your pain.

While you may have pain in your knee, we know that the body is connected and that the hip and foot influence how the knee moves.

Run Analysis

Looking to get better, faster, and stronger for the long run? Our run analysis is the first step toward hitting your next Personal Record, avoiding setbacks in your training, and feeling great when you cross the finish line... feeling like you could even keep running farther!


We utilize cupping along with physical therapy treatments to reduce tightness in the muscles and fascia. This approach allows you to move more freely quicker than traditional treatment alone and helps aid in recovery, getting you back to a healthier and more full life.

Ultrasound Imaging

We use ultrasound imaging to "look under the hood" to see the integrity of the muscles and tendons and let us track your healing process to make sure we're on the right track. We couple this with our hands-on and clinical testing to give a full picture of your injury and healing.

I’ve gotten back into running after 7 years. I was having a lot of hip flexor, glute, and foot pain.

Dr Connie helped loosen up sore muscles and tailored exercises to help me strengthen, as well take pressure off overcompensating areas. I just successfully ran my first 10k fun run in 7 years and look forward to running longer distances!

Briana D.

I had the privilege to work with Dr. Connie when she supported our running club with her mobile clinic. She is knowledgeable, patient, and made me feel at ease. We discussed the tension in my neck-shoulder area, she showed me modifications and movements that best suit me. I would highly recommend Dr. Connie!

Erika I.

I spoke with Dr. Connie about a carpal tunnel issue I've been having due to my work as a data analyst. She had me due a few tests and diagnosed the issues coming from my neck. With in a short session, she increased my grip strength by 10%. I instantly felt a considerable amount of pressure relief. Thank you, Dr. Connie!

Fernando G.


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